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The Business Woman's Hub

For Happy Healthy Female Entreprenuers

THE HUB was created to serve all those wonderful Women out there who stood up and said "I CAN, I WILL."

We give you resources you need to Market your Business, Grow Your Business & Yourself.

Masterminds, Masterclasses and Pop-up events all designed with your growth in mind.


We understand that not all Women are comfortable in mixed networking or mentoring groups, so The HUB offers that space.

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'The Collective Problem-Solving Inspirational Force of a Group, Especially if it's a Group of Determined & Like-minded Women is infinitely greater than going it alone"

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Have you ever considered having your own personal boardroom of intelligent, inspiring business women? Each ready to share their business knowledge and experiences with you? Well look no further. I am the founder of THE BUSINESS WOMAN'S HUB where we create amazing events to support Women in Business.

Our Group Programmes for on going mentoring are carefully curated to ensure the right balance and enable you to work together ON your business.


Whether that be implementing your next big idea, overcoming your current challenges, or helping your business evolve to serve & delight more customers.

Led by a me, the“Straight Talking Strategist” using my proven ACCOUNTABILTY IN A.C.T.I.O.N. formula to make damn sure your achieve your goals, both financial and personal.


Making sure you follow through, turning your “Should's” into “Musts”.

Is it for me?


Yes if you want a smooth-running business with a healthy bank balance… which let’s face it is not going to happen without help!

The ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP is part of THE HUB which is your happy place. You become part of an inclusive group of female entrepreneurs, working together as a team to turn their dreams & goals into something wonderful. To deliver on their true potential, while restoring balance to become Happy Healthy Entrepreneurs.

So if you're looking to become part of something inspiring, intelligent, positive and insightful that will help your business thrive and survive… then this could be what you’ve been missing out on.

How does it work?


Each month in the ACCOUNTABILITY Group Coaching we discuss one aspect of running a Business, as well as giving you “hot seat” opportunities to share any challenges or issues you may have that need resolving. You may have a new product or service you are looking to launch and want some feedback.

There is also a monthly Planning/Goal Setting Session,  weekly check ins and an accountability session. This is your opportunity to be mentored by me without going ALL IN with a 1.2.1 mentoring programme.

Imagine for a minute that you were attending one TODAY... What would you want your own personal boardroom to help you with - How to get more Sales? Help with the Finances? Solving supplier problems or becoming better at fulfilment? Addressing recruitment or staffing issues? Succession and Retirement planning? 

Our next group starts in OCTOBER but spaces are limited and will fill up fast. 

Membership is BY APPLICATION ONLY to ensure we have the right mix of businesses in the group who will commit and are willing to share their knowledge with other members. This is a Group where you will NOT want to miss a meeting.

Apply on the HUB website and we can arrange a Zoom call for an informal chat to see if we are the right fit for each other.

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