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"Using her insight, perspective and wisdom, Nikki has offered me a new way of thinking about my business and my future.

I now have a clear vision, goals and a plan to execute"



A little bit more about me...

I get it... I've been there starting a business to give me and my family personal and financial freedom whilst still being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and all the other roles we play in life.

I have been self-employed for 23 years, during which time I created a 7 figure brand for my US client, bought a business out of administration with my late partner and achieved at £1.6m turnover in the 14 months after he died, subsequently selling it for 6 figures.

I'm a widow and coma survivor (read the blog) and have resilience by the bucket load.

So I know how difficult it is running a business on your own. Your friends don't get it, and sometimes you feel like no-one truly understands how hard it it is!

That's why I'm here, I‘m passionate about helping Solo Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Small Business Owners create profitable businesses without all the overwhelm and stress.

For years I had a dream that I would be able to split my time between the UK and Spain and now I do, but it hasn't been easy.

I've had massive success and some spectacular failures, which means I am best placed to help you create the business you have dreamed of. Whether you are just starting out, or a few years down the road and need that one person in you corner who has your back and will be that brain to pick, ear to listen, and to give you a kick when you need one!

Being recognised by NatWest Bank as one of the Top 100 Influential Women in East Anglia in 2020 was a huge honour and underpinned my belief that I am on the path I should be.


I work intuitively and organically with clients and don't like to be prescriptive but there are many ways you can work with me and get my eyes on your business.

  • Power Up Power Hours

  • Marketing Mots

  • Half/Full Day Strategy Sessions

  • Monthly Mentoring (from 

  • Full Day Group Workshops

  • Voxer Mentoring

One-Off Sessions

I often reflect on the characteristics of successful sportsman and how relevant they are for anyone who wants to be they best they can be in the world of business:

Motivation, Passion, Initiative, No Excuses, Determination, Strengths based approach, Extra Mile, Tough Minded....

Let me tease out your Inner Athlete and get you Performing like one!


"Always inspiring, Nikki has great vision, integrity and is a wonderful mentor"

For many Solo Entrepreneurs accountability and the opportunity to have a sounding board on a regular basis is invaluable.

 I have three mentoring plans but will create something bespoke if necessary. 

My role is to guide you, be a brain to pick, offer accountability and sometimes give you a very gentle kick.

I am no-nonsense and straight talking, BUT everything always said with kindness

and wanting you to succeed.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing EXACTLY what actions you need to take week in week out - I can help you achieve that.

My Programme

Accountability in A.C.T.I.O.N is my tried and tested signature programme I use when working 1.2.1 mentoring my clients, so I know it works.


Articulate      goals in a brain dump

Critique           help define your WHY, then plan & refine your most important objectives

Tasks                set timescales and milestones

Implement   systems and best practice

Overcome    obstacles together

Nudge             you along to keep you on track!

"Nikki has an expertise that is truly powerful.
She engages with the client in such a way as to ensure complete clarity of understanding.
The result is a product that describes the services offered by the client in an accessible and engaging manner.
Nikki, in effect, becomes the Partner of the Client, rather than a mere supplier.
Thoroughly recommended

Tony - M

Julie G

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