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Welcome to
Next Level Networking!

"Collaborations are frequent and considerable business takes place between members and wider referrals. It is a supportive group devoid of "fluff" which facilitates the growth of it's members"

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How many times do you leave a "networking" event and wonder WHY? because ...

  • It's the same old 'elevator' pitches each month

  • You don't feel  other attendees really understand the daily challenges you face being a Solo-Entrepreneur

  • The majority only have the end goal of a business referral in mind

  • There is not enough focus on SHARED KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCES

  • You never really seem to have those deep, meaningful conversations you would love to have with like-minded souls

  • You want to develop mutually beneficial relationships which people who share common ground with you

  • You feel it's time to 'move on' from traditional networking

Join our Elite
Groups & Benefit From
Deeper Connetions

How would you feel if you could find a group of like-minded solo entrepreneurs with whom you could meet regularly and STOP WASTING TIME in the wrong Network?

IMAGINE - never having to listen to another elevator pitch again?

Are you FRUSTRATED that most Networks focus on referrals and being sold to?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to know that everyone in your group had similar goals and challenges as yourself as they are all SOLO ENTREPRENUERS

AND how would it feel to know that not just ANYONE can join?

Each member undergoes an application process to ensure they are the right FIT for the group.

Simply click the link below to apply and I  will be in touch to arrange a "virtual coffee" and chat if we are the right fit you will be invited to become a member.

Meetings are online every month with two in person events a year to cement our relationships.

Cambridgeshire will have in-person monthly meetings


We are less of a network and more of an Elite Club of business owners who are seeking more substance from their "Networking" activities.

We are NOT A REFERRAL NETWORK . But we know that business referrals occur organically the more we get to know each other and deeper our relationship.

There is NO SELLING in the group per se, although the first meeting of each group is the only time you will present you business as part of our "getting to know you" introductions.

We are a combination of self-mentoring, Peer-to-Peer support all wrapped up meaningful conversations.

You will have a generous spirit and be willing to share your experiences with the group.

You will be looking to create your own Tribe of Supporters with some strategic partnerships or collaborations thrown in.

Each month we have a half hour round table discussion on a topic we have agreed in the previous month.

Where appropriate a guest expert will be invited in, or if you have expertise in the subject you will be invited to lead the session.

You will also have two 30 minute ice-breaker 1.2.1's with a group member, starting those all important conversations.

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If you are a solo entrepreneur, or small business owner who has outgrown traditional networking and really wants to be part of something more meaningful this could be for you,

IMAGINE  if you could:


  • Regularly Collaborate with other entrepreneurs


  • Meet more like-minded business owners


  • Stop wasting you time in the wrong group with people who just don't "get you"


Not only that, you would benefit from:


  • Peer to Peer Mentoring


  • Meet potential business partners


  • Have more meaningful conversations and create better relationships with your "Tribe"


No More:


  • "Me too" networks


  • Forced focus on selling and referrals


  • Listening to the same old elevator pitches

Still Not Sure?   Book A Quick Chat with Nikki

to find out whether this is the right fit for you.

Group Calls
“I have been a member of one of Nikki's  groups for almost a year now. I've attended other networking groups and I have to say there is something really special about Nikki and her groups. In addition to my own group I have visited some of her others as a guest and they all have the same amazing fun, supportive and professional atmosphere. Nikki sets a tone that just works. Members and guests always feel so welcome, we have fun and we also learn from and support each other. You have to try one of these groups!"

Sarah L

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